Intrigue Unleashed: Best Crime Movies Streaming Now on aha ott

The world of cinema is flooded with criminal thrillers, but Telugu films of this genre hold a special appeal. They create sophisticated narratives brimming with suspense that keep you hooked to the screen, trying to solve the secrets before they are revealed. OTT platforms like aha have provided the ideal place for these compelling Telugu narratives, providing a treasure trove of films such as “Kala,” “Odela Railway Station,” and “Writer,” each with an obvious impact. Let’s look at what makes Telugu crime thriller moviesso compelling.

1 – Kala

The 2021 Malayalam film “Kala”  was directed by Rohith V. S. and written by Yadhu Pushpakaran and Rohith V. S. The film, starring Tovino Thomas, Moor, Lal Paul, and Divya Pillai, follows Shaji, who lives with his family and a Cane Corso black dog on a secluded property. Faced with debt and family strife, Shaji employs Tamil workers for field work, resulting in a heated encounter that reveals terrible facts about land ownership and previous atrocities. As anger and survival intertwine, “Kala” explores themes of vengeance and consequences, making it an engaging watch for fans of psychological action plays.

2 – Odela Railway Station

The 2022 Telugu criminal thriller “Odela Railway Station” was produced and directed by Sampath Nandi and Ashok Teja. The film, which is set in the small Telangana village of Odela, follows IPS officer Anudeep (Sai Ronak) as he looks into a string of heinous crimes that target newlywed women. Anudeep solves the riddle surrounding these horrible deeds as he digs into the unnerving story of a serial killer. The impact of these crimes on a married couple—Vaishta N. Simha and Hebah Patel—is also depicted in the film. For those who enjoy crime thrillers, “Odela Railway Station” is a gripping movie because of its realistic portrayal and exciting narrative.

3 – Writer

Franklin Jacob’s debut film “Writer” is a 2021 Tamil criminal thriller. The scenario takes place in Tiruverumbur police station, where Head Constable Thangaraj is mentoring new recruit Arivazhagan. There, he is confronted with a moral quandary when an innocent PhD student, Devakumar, is illegally arrested. Thangaraj, coping with personal issues and office intrigues, joins forces with ex-convict Raja to discover the truth and free Devakumar. The film delves into the complexities of the case, police interactions, and the writer’s search for justice. Critics have praised “Writer” for its realism and political issues, describing it as a gripping blend of suspense and social satire.

In summary

Telugu crime thriller movies have made a distinct name for themselves in the wide world of cinema. Their persistent dedication to harsh reality, the development of nuanced characters, and the unrelenting pursuit of suspense is what makes them so captivating to audiences. On top of that, OTT platforms provide filmmakers with unrestricted creative licence and enables audiences to binge-watch these films. They have emerged as the ideal environment for this engrossing storytelling. Explore Telugu crime thrillers on aha if you’re looking for a cinematic experience that will be with you long after the credits have rolled. The complexity and intensity these films offer will surprise, challenge, and completely captivate you.